What We Do

Here at Gold's, we buy and sell jewelry, old coins & currency. We have a jeweler that fixes and sizes jewelry. We also buy gold & silver, and sell gold and silver bouillon.

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Gold's Coin Shop & Jewelry
429 Spring St
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

M: Directions
P: (812) 283-6865
E: contactus@goldscoinshopandjewelry.com


We will buy all half-dollars, quarters, and dimes from 1964 and back, as well as buy Kennedy Half Dollars from between 1965-1969. We will also buy wartime nickels from 1942-1945. We will buy pennies from 1958 and back. We do buy nickels from 1938 and back as well. More...


We will buy older currency notes (1934 and back) for Federal Reserve Notes, and will buy Silver Certificate and Gold Certificate notes. We will buy older, large currency from 1923 and back. We will also buy Confederate currency and fractional currency. More...

Fine Jewelry

We sell all kinds of jewelry. We sell necklaces, rings, and anything. We can buy either single pieces of jewelry or an entire estate. We also repair jewelry. Any ring you have bought from Gold's for over $200 we will size it for free. More...

Custom Jewelry & Repair

We have an on-site jeweler that can repair, size rings, re-fit jewels and anything in between. More...